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Did God really say that?

A few days ago I came across a forum thread about Bugs Bunny. The thread explained that Bugs Bunny's calling of Elmer Fudd as "nimrod" was actually a nod to the Bible's Nimrod, who was a mighty hunter before the Lord. Another post went on to say that Bugs' affinity for carrots was actually a nod to Clark Gable's character in "It Happened One Night." I could imagine parents back then getting the hidden meaning behind both references much like I do know as a parent watching some of the movies my children want to watch. I chuckle a bit and relish the opportunity later to let them in on the secret so they can have the same chuckle when they re-watch the movie later. I can also see that as time passes and less and less of those callbacks are recognized they begin to take on their own meaning. For instance, because of Elmer Fudd's inability to bag the coveted gray hare he's chased for years, the term nimrod has become more synonymous with an imbeci