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Hello World

 For some time I've had this desire to begin sharing what comes to mind as I read my Bible and/or other thoughts that come to mind as I'm listening or watching a preacher speak. I've been wrestling with what to call it, how and when to launch it. But most importantly, I've struggled within myself on whether or not to move forward with it at all. I mean, who would listen to an average Joe who's sharing his walk with Jesus. Then one day I'm scrolling through Instagram and come across a post from Long Hollow church. In it the pastor points out that the Apostles didn't have Bibles, no religious schools or buildings, no churches, no equipping  tracks or many of the things that many modern churches have and yet they turned the world upside down, and in that moment I felt that stirring to write come up once again. But still, what to call it? To explain that there are a few things. This desire to share has always come from a place to show that we all have a place in